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Making electricity at the source is absolutely the future of energy in Britain.


Small windmills can make a big difference to small and large businesses, farms and rural properties, schools, sporting clubs and more – but up until now it has been difficult to achieve because the technology has not been good enough. That’s where Britwind comes in.

Britwind is part of Ecotricity, who have been building big wind parks for nearly 20 years – bringing their expertise in wind energy to the small wind sector. 

What's the right windmill for you?

Britwind will launch two new windmills: radical in design, generating electricity cheaper and more efficiently, and providing energy where people need it. Alongside these two radical new small windmills, Britwind also offers Britain’s biggest selling small windmill, the R9000.

The H15 >

The H15

The most innovative windmill in the world, bringing the performance of a big wind turbine to a small windmill. The horizontal-axis H15 has a power rating of 15kW and an average height of 25m. It’s a massive step-change in terms of efficiency and cost – and a radical transformation for the industry. Currently going through final MCS accreditation.

The V6 >

The V6

A vertical-axis wind turbine that we like to call the ‘Urbine’ because it provides versatility at sites with more changeable wind conditions – like you would find in more urban areas. So it’s perfect for industrial sites, business parks, schools or anywhere less exposed to prevailing wind direction. The Urbine has a power rating of 6kW and a average height of around 20m. Currently going through final MCS accreditation.

The R9000 >

The R9000

This windmill may be small but it’s the workhorse of the stable. The horizontal-axis R9000 is the UK's biggest selling small windmill, it has a power rating of 5kW and an average height of 18m, and is designed to start generating energy at lower wind speeds than many rivals and continues at high wind speeds. Based on an annual wind speed of 6m/s, R9000 will generate 13,700kWh of electricity per year 

(MCS accredited).