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  • R9000

    The R9000 is the best-selling small windmill in Britain, and is one of the most efficient small wind turbines available.

    With a power rating of 5kW from a 5.5 diameter rotor, it has the capacity to start generating energy from lower wind speeds, and it has the ability to maintain performance at higher speeds too. That's one of the reasons it has been the small windmill of choice in Britain.

    The R9000 has been has been engineered with robustness, high reliability and low maintenance in mind, and the only wearing parts are the rotor bearing, the yaw bearing and the pitch bearings.

    Plus, its reliability is backed by millions of operating hours in the field, where its outstanding durability and minimal maintenance has been tried and tested by thousands of homes, farms and businesses worldwide.

    The R9000 has accreditation in the UK under MCS and Japan under Class NK.


    IEC 61400-2 Turbine Class

    Maximum Power

    Class II




    Diameter: 5.5m

    Speed: 200rpm nominal



    12, 15 and 18.3m ram-tilt monopoles available


    Tip height


    15, 18 and 20.5m


    Design maximum wind conditions


    60 m/s gust, with no cut-out wind speed

    Cut-in wind speed 3 m/s

    8.5 m/s annual mean wind speed






    Patented brushless direct drive generator with the following features:

    - High efficiency – especially at low wind speed
    - Ability to act as the brake: both bringing the turbine to rest, and keeping it ‘parked’ even in the most challenging wind conditions (known as the 50 year wind)

    Low cost of energy

    No wearing parts or maintenance

    Patented ElectroBrake™ braking system – generator is simply switched to a ‘coil pack’ - achieving near constant brake torque at all rotor speeds


    Effective, yet simple with no wearing parts


    Free yaw with tail vane


    No wearing parts and minimal maintenance requirements


    Patented Reactive Pitch™ control


    Pure mechanical system with minimal maintenance requirements

    Highly responsive to wind gusts and maintains a constant rotor speed

    Robust microprocessor brake integrated into the turbine and independent of the grid connection

    Operates the electrical brake in such fault conditions as over-speed or electrical fault (e.g. grid outage or microprocessor failure)


    Highly reliable brake with redundancy – unlikely to ever fail


    Tilt-down tower for installation, servicing and maintenance


    Safe and full access to the turbine with no working at height Health and Safety issues



    Annual Mean Wind Speed (m/s)


    Annual Energy Yield (kWh)*


    Number of households equivalent+
































    *As per MCS Product Certification Report
    + Mean annual domestic electricity consumption per meter in Great Britain in 2015 was 3,781 kWh (Sub-national electricity and gas consumption statistics, DECC, 21 December 2017)


    Certificates and documents



    MCS approved product
    MCS NIC EIC approved installer
    Certificate Number MCS WT0039/01
    Small Wind Turbine
    Certificate Number NIC5617
    Micro and Small Wind Turbine Systems