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Maintenance and care packages

Whether you have one or multiple small or medium turbines, you can get expert care and maintenance by choosing one of our unrivalled packages.

Scheduled Services 

Our Scheduled Services go above and beyond the original manufacturer’s specifications. That means we know from our experience in the field the additional check points required to make sure your turbine is best maintained and operating effectively.

We’ll maintain and care for:

- Generator, drivetrain and blades
- Tower
- Tower Cables
- Electrical Panel
- Access ladder
- Instrumentation and control systems

You can also choose a subscription to our Britwind approved monitoring software – and if you choose monitoring as well as a maintenance and care package, we’ll quickly review and respond to alarms and faults that appear in monitoring as part of the service.

Reactive Services

On top of our Scheduled Services, we’ll cover you for unscheduled events too.

Our Reactive Services include prompt action on:

- Breakdowns and adjustments
- Control and software issues
- Mechanical control system issues
- In-depth analysis of PLC (controller) issues and re-flashing of software

We’ll not only fix your issue, we’ll always give you a detailed report after each service.