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British design. British engineering. British manufacturing.

Van + Team

Britwind is a step up for the small wind industry, delivering 100% British windmills to landowners and business across Britain.

Britwind brings big wind performance to small wind - producing energy at almost half the cost of the best selling small windmill on the market.

The company unites experts with unrivalled experience and ability from both the big and small wind industry – designing radical new horizontal and vertical axis windmills that will bring lower bills and energy independence to people in Britain. 

Dale Hero

And it’s all designed and made right here in this country – vertically integrated, fully British from start to finish. 

“We’re proud to be able to make cutting edge small windmills right here in Britain. And this is only the beginning for Britwind; we’ll see much more innovation come out of research and development – that’s exciting.”

Turbine + Van

Britwind will make more sites viable for wind power. Making the energy customers need, where they need it – it’s devolution for the energy industry and it’s people power in action.

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