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Experts in the field

Uniting unrivalled experience from the small wind and big wind industries, we also have expertise in many brands of turbines beyond Britwind machines.

Endurance turbines

We are the UK’s premier Endurance service provider. We also own and operate the ERIC monitoring software, which enables you to monitor the performance of your Endurance turbine and keep up to date on issues and warnings if and when then arise. 

Britwind/Evance/Iskra turbines

We’re also the leading service provider for Britwind, Evance and Iskra turbines. We employ the core engineering team who designed and developed the Iskra 5 and the Evance R9000 wind turbines – so we have all their expertise in our team. We continue to manufacture the R9000 here in Britain, and we’re the sole source of spare parts and operational knowledge for these turbines too.

Other turbines

Our knowledgeable and experienced maintenance teams service many other small and medium wind turbines too. So give us a call to discuss the maintenance requirements of your machine.